Vendor Spotlight – Waffle House

Yup, you read that right. Waffle House is one of our preferred vendors! You probably didn’t even know that this classic Southern establishment is available for off-site catering but alas, they are indeed and are wonderful to work with from start to finish.

waffle house

We first welcomed Waffle House into our venue to do late night food during an October wedding last year. This trend is ever-growing: couples hiring a catering company for their dinner and cocktail hour, and then hiring another more unique food service for late night grub. Food trucks, DIY doughnut bars, funnel cake bars from FunnelDelicious, and of course waffle bars are being incorporated into the wedding scene. Let us perhaps be the first to tell you that it’s a fabulous idea! Think about it: your reception is longer than average, guests have been drinking and getting the munchies…it’s the perfect solution, and one that will make a great lasting impression on all in attendance.

Since that October wedding night we have not only been wow-ed by the customer service from Waffle House’s catering crew, but how awesome it is to serve guests a little something extra. We’ve now proudly recommended them and seen a handful of other weddings at our venue use Waffle House as their late night food vendor. In fact, we have used their services ourselves for the various Underground Nights that we host where we open up the venue to the public featuring an open bar and fun food.

Don’t get us wrong, the waffle bars are amazing. Syrups and toppings galore! But we can’t forget about the tasty chicken biscuits too. Just ask! If ever you’re in need of some good ol’ comfort food, Waffle House is it!


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