Kamella and Derek: A True Love Story Between Rivals

The biggest rivalry known to just about every South Carolinian is between the University of South Carolina and Clemson University. Football games and beyond, these two schools go head to head in all aspects of the collegiate world. But just like Romeo and Juliet coming from opposing families, what if two people from these opposing teams could come together as one? Well, meet Kamella and Derek. Kamella earned a degree in Special Education at Clemson, and Derek graduated from USC with a degree in Higher Education. Like all wonderful stories of true love, this duo met in a most fateful way. Kamella’s roommate at Clemson is Derek’s cousin, so eventually they met and the rest is history! Although their schools have been (and always will be) long time rivals, it didn’t get in the way of their love which was clear to all when they tied the knot on July 19th, 2014.

Kamella and Derek fell in love with our venue during it’s early days of construction. Once they saw the venue, they decided to book us for both their rehearsal dinner and wedding day. It was perfect for getting double use out of their rentals! This future bride-to-be had an eye for detail from the start and took her time planning out colors and decor. We were so happy that she took advantage of all our bridal open houses by bringing in family and friends for brainstorming sessions. The rehearsal dinner came down to a soft palette of chocolate brown and lace, while the ceremony and reception was graced with mint green, soft pinks, gold, and ivory. These colors really stood out in the floral arrangements provided by Fairytale Florist. Some specifically special pieces that guests encountered included gorgeous gold antique chargers and antique china from Professional Party Rentals.

Kamella’s creativity didn’t stop there. She wanted the ceremony to face our grand staircase while the bridal party (20 people total!) lined up on the stairs behind them. Guests witnessed this awesome sight as the couple performed a lovely unity candle ceremony and tie the knot thanks to a long time family friend of the bride. Also, flashback to the getting ready process…Kamella wanted a unique shot that we are starting to see more and more: a bridesmaid reveal photo. Fun! That shot and all these other photographs were captured by Lisa Carpenter Photography.






After Kamella and Derek officially professed their love to one another, it was time to celebrate. First dances commenced with both smiles and happy tears. Weddings can work up an appetite, so it was a good thing Smoke on the Water was there to cook up some amazing Southern delicacies.We’re talking fresh fried green tomatoes–yummy! Liquid Catering was also there to serve all things, well, liquid! Beer, wine, and of course, champagne. And you can’t go wrong with personalized koozies! Dessert was compliments of Buttercream Bakehouse, a deliciously classic cake with modern decorating techniques.

All we can say is that the rest of the evening went off without a hitch. There was plenty of good times to go around complete with dancing, dancing, and more dancing. Rain poured earlier in the day but you know what they say…that’s good luck on your wedding day! Before we knew it, the newly-weds were on their way. We had such a memorable time with Kamella and Derek all throughout the booking process and wish them the absolute best moving forward. Cheers to this darling couple!






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