Vendor Spotlight: Erica Berg Collective

You know that feeling when you hear a great voice cover one of your favorite songs? Or when you first listen to a band really own a song in a way you’ve never heard before? We have definitely experienced that feeling with the Erica Berg Collective. The Erica Berg Collective is near and dear to our hearts, and is already booked for two of our staff members’ weddings!

Tapas & Tinis 2014 – photo courtesy of TOWN Magazine

At the helm of EBC is Erica Berg herself, lead vocalist and self-proclaimed dreamer. Originally a girl who stuck with playing the saxophone and horn, Erica only just discovered her vocal talents in 2007 and never looked back. Her voice is a beautiful hybrid between Adele, Eva Cassidy, and Susan Tedeschi. While Erica does dabble in several different gigs with local bands, the Collective is her most current musical project and main focus. With the Erica Berg Collective she is able to include as many local musicians as possible depending on the type of event or client at hand. We have seen her perform at weddings, Greenville’s Downtown Alive, euphoria’s Tapas & Tinis, Smiley’s Cafe, and our own pop-up restaurant Cellar 912.

For the moment, the Erica Berg Collective is solely a cover band tackling some of the most cherished artists of our time. Think a mixture of soul, rock, blues, and funk. We are, however, stoked to report that original music is in the works for the group! Whatever you are looking for, Erica and her crew can make it happen. From live entertainment to disc jockey services, there is a wide range of options to look into when booking. Check out a list of customizable packages here. Even if you’re not planning a special event, we highly recommend that you still seek out the Erica Berg Collective for a fun night. The group is consistently playing all around Greenville, and their calendar is right at your fingertips!

“The Erica Berg Collective is dynamic musicality meets foot stompin’ joy. There are few groups in the Upstate that have this level of talent, or that can match the downright fun for any audience like The Erica Berg Collective.
This ain’t a band – it’s a damn great party.”
— Jay Spivey, Fete Magazine

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