5 Tips for Booking the Perfect Wedding Date

He got down on one knee, you said yes, and now what’s the first thing you need to do? Call your best friend? Skype your mom? Post a picture of the ring on Facebook? Probably all of the above…but let’s rephrase: what’s the first thing you need to do with wedding planning? Pick a date, of course! It certainly seems easy, but it’s actually a tough task to tackle when you start to consider a few of the following. Our best advice is to first read this list of tips on booking the perfect wedding date, and then get to it!

The price has to be right. Did you know that depending on the day of week, and sometimes time of year, wedding venues and vendors charge more for their services? For instance, the majority of weddings are held on Saturdays and Fridays but these are naturally where the highest rates are applied. More and more we’re starting to see our clients book their big days for Thursdays and Sundays, partially to avoid the top dollar costs. Something to first and foremost consider when piecing together your wedding budget!

Take holidays into consideration. If you’re of Irish descent and want to incorporate that heritage into your wedding, by all means book for St. Patty’s Day or a day close to it! Same goes for if you want to say “I do” while ringing in the new year, or have a sparkler send-off complete with real fireworks on July 4th. But consider, once again, your budget. These holiday dates (including Memorial and Labor Day weekends) will come with holiday rates. Also, while no offense to you and your fiance, not all your guests may want to spend a certain holiday attending a wedding.

Season matters. What is your dream theme? Winter wonderland with glitter and signature hot chocolate? A pastel color palette with lots of fresh flowers? What you envision as your overall wedding theme will help you decide which season to aim for when booking your date. Also consider your venue. If you want to get married and dance all night outside, a warm weather wedding date is naturally a better choice than renting tons of tents and portable heaters during the colder months.

Make it meaningful. You already have a dating anniversary so wouldn’t it be cool to just make that your wedding day too? We’ve even seen couples get married on their parents or grandparents’ anniversaries. Maybe that string of numbers is simply special or lucky to you two (Remember 07/07/07 that fell on a Saturday?!). No matter the significance, remember that not every important date that comes to mind will fall on the most ideal day of the week. No one’s stopping you from getting hitched on a Tuesday, but ultimately you will want to pick a date that is at least close to that specific date to allow guests to travel, not worry about work the next day, etc.

Create a list of VIGs. Let’s be honest…not everyone you invite to your wedding will be able to attend. And that’s okay! But before rushing into booking a date, we encourage you to make a short list of Very Important Guests (VIGs aka people you want to be there no matter what). Yes, your wedding day is all about you, but if one of your beloved bridesmaids is a school teacher then you won’t be seeing her around back to school time in August. If the groom’s brother already has a family vacation planned in April, try to avoid those dates as well. You get the gist!

We hope this helps give you an idea of what to think about when locking down one of the most important dates of your life. While it takes a little time to figure these five things out, it’s still critical to book a date as quickly as possible. Booking the venue is your next step and believe us when we say that they go fast, more now than ever before! Happy planning!

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