Vendor Spotlight: FunnelDelicious

Same Delicious Funnel Cakes – Slightly New Name! Don’t be fooled, this restaurant (previously Funnelicious) is still a classic favorite among Greenville residents. And a must-try for pretty much anyone in the United States…


The smallest restaurant in Greenville belongs to FunnelDelicious, a place where you can have your favorite fried food and of course, favorite festival food: funnel cakes! Steve, Malinda, and Mike created the business after sister company, RhinoConcessions had become such a hit. In 2011, FunnelDelicious was built in the beloved West End across from Greenville’s Flour Field. This family-friendly restaurant gives everyone a reason to have their fried goodness whenever they please…well, during store hours of course. If you can’t make it to the West End then have no fear! In the summertime, you can hop on over to one of the Upstate’s many water parks and find the companies’ lunch items while many of the city’s special events feature their tasty sweet treats.


Thinking some of those mouthwatering menu items may be good at your next event? Check out their full page on catering special events and birthday parties! They have a number of tray options and menu items available. YUM.


Most recently, FunnelDelicious has been featured on Buzzfeed! In the popular website’s article, 25 Fried Foods You Have To Try Before You Die, you’ll find FunnelDelicious’ funnel cakes in all their glory. What an honor! Seriously though…these are some seriously delicious fried foods, and our very own tiny Greenville restaurant made the cut. Check it out here!

For more on their ranking on Buzzfeed, check out the Greenville Online article on FunnelDelicious.

Be sure to stop in their West End store front to talk with them about your latest catering needs, or of course to grab a quick bite to eat! Whether it’s your favorite wrap combo or their nationally ranked Mega Danny Cake, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. After all, their name has delicious in it 🙂

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