History Behind the Wedding Veil

What you’ll find behind a woman’s most important outfit of her life is filled with long-standing history. The veil, an accessory to many a bride’s show-stopping wedding day ensemble, comes from a variety of traditions and styles passed down over the years.

The definition of a veil is “a piece of fine material worn by women to protect or conceal the face.”  In ancient Greece, the wedding veil served exactly that purpose as it was a way to keep evil spirits away from the bride on her wedding day. While the Greeks were worried about evil spirits, those in medieval times thought that the veil was a sign of purity. In some cases, it was simply thought to be a way of keeping arranged marriages from falling apart. In others instances, the veil was used to keep the identity of the bride hidden from the groom until the moment they were to be married.

The purposes of the bridal veil haven’t changed much, but the styles certainly have! Keep scrolling for a ride through the decades!

1920’s: The 1920s wedding veil resembled more of a headdress for brides on their wedding day. Like this one, some were accented or encircled with flowers.
1930’s: With a slight nod to the 1920’s style, veils of the 1930’s were quite simplistic, and tended to lay on the bride’s head for a more relaxed look. This look has been modernized for brides today.
1940’s, “Birdcage”: This veil is known for the not only being a hit back in the 40’s, but is certainly popular once again among the vintage-trendy or old-fashioned brides today. Like the idea of a veil but not necessarily a long one? Consider this classic look!
1950’s: While many brides took the birdcage trend into the 50’s, the wedding veil still maintained its simplistic features. Usually paired with a “crown” or halo inspired headpiece, the 1950’s veil was simply fabric that accented the dress.
1960’s: Nothing too showy, but two words for the wedding veil of the 60’s: MORE FABRIC!
1970’s: Not quite the biggest in history, but veils tended to be a little wider, but shorter, in the 70ss. At this time, “flower power” was also incorporated in the wedding veil.
1980’s: A picture’s worth a 24 foot train…At the time, this record breaking head piece gave a whole new meaning to the cathedral length veil. Princess Diana’s gown and veil inspired brides all over the world and will forever be iconic bridal fashion of the 20th century.
00’s: It’s only fitting that another British royal, Kate Middleton, make a bridal statement for an era. This wedding veil represents delicacy with lace accents, and classic with a fitted crown, but remains modern with minimal “poofy” fabrics.


Now that you have a little background information on the wedding veil, it might help you decide what style you want to choose for yourself. Not all brides even opt for a veil but if you do, make sure it’s the right fit and matches your personality. Happy shopping!

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