Vendor Spotlight: Curly Willow Design

The curly willow branch has not only provided the name of Curly Willow Designs but it also has given a mission statement for this unique landscaping company. “Twisting…turning…curling…winding,” they say, and you’ll certainly find that if give them hold of what you have in mind for your wedding, you won’t be disappointed.


This event landscaping company provides an experienced team with a number of different ideas to help create your event. Every flower or floral design created for your wedding is personalized in order to reflect exactly what you’ve discussed with the CWD team. In fact, they’ve had clients suggest that the end result better than what they ever could’ve asked for. Their goal is simple: to exceed your expectations when you walk into the space. The more creative your wants and desires the better, because this team is ready for anything you throw their way. Whatever the challenge is, Curly Willow Design is up for it!

“Each Bride has a unique set of requirements. We take her photos, ideas, and thoughts and turn them into the wedding of her dreams.”




Curly Willow Design knows how to make an ever-lasting impression on your guests with your dreams in mind. Check out the latest CWD magic on their blog page!

Feeling like this creative company may be the perfect fit for you? Contact them today to start working with this talent group!

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