Wedding Planning with Tammy: Step 1

Our owner Tammy Johnson is getting married!  What that means is she gets even more what it’s like to be a bride, and can provide great tips on wedding planning and getting through all the stress.  Check out this blog series for all the advice, details and a little bit of drama!

Step #1:  Figure out the plan

When my fiancé proposed to me, I was ecstatic.  It was an amazing moment I will never forget.  I should have been expecting it, but he went out of his way to surprise me, and I was beyond thrilled.  Until that is- we had to start thinking about the actual wedding.  My first instinct was to elope.  I’m going to be honest, I’ve never wanted a big wedding, there is just too much fuss and hoopla.  I’ve never been big on being the center of attention, and didn’t feel comfortable thinking that people would stare at me all day.  Plus, because I’m in the wedding business, I know how stressful planning is and I didn’t have time for it on top of running two businesses.  After we got engaged and we saw how excited our friends and family were, we decided that we would still elope, but have a big party to celebrate.  We put a date on the calendar at The Old Cigar Warehouse (it is the perfect spot after all), and started to look at destination wedding locations.  Despite the fact that I was happy with our decision, I was still stressing that maybe it wasn’t the right one.

Then… I started Pinterest-ing.  It sounds ridiculous, but I saw a picture of The Dress.  I cried while staring at my computer thinking this is The Dress, it’s amazing and beautiful and I have to get married in it.  Of course it wasn’t elopement-beach friendly (and I hadn’t tried it on), but who cared, it was amazing!  At that moment I decided that instead of eloping, I wanted a ceremony because this particular dress was amazing and my entire mindset about the wedding changed.  Several close friends have always told me that there is a “bridal” moment when you freak out thinking this is it, this is the man and this is the right decision.  That was the moment for me.

Of course as luck would have it The Dress was just an untraceable photo of a dress that many moons ago had linked back to an illegitimate Chinese website.  As much as I tried to Google image and find a similar dress, it just wasn’t happening.  But that didn’t matter, I had decided to have a ceremony and reception in Greenville and invite all our friends and family to fuss and shower us with their undivided attention 😉  At that moment I knew for sure that I was making the right decision.  I wanted to celebrate with the people closest to us and create memories that I knew I would cherish forever.  I knew I wanted to have the ceremony at Rock Quarry Garden, and they just happened to have the date available.  From there all the other decisions seemed easy, all my stress was instantly gone.  Picking the venue and overall plan was the hardest decision of this process, but also the most enlightening.  I never did find The Dress, but I did eventually find The Most Amazing Dress Ever, and I can’t wait to get married in it!

The lesson learned is take your time to come up with your overall plan.  There is no rush to get married, think about what you want, who you want to be involved and what places are special to the two of you.  Whether your day is celebrated on a Jamaican beach with 10 people, or in a hotel ballroom with 300, it will be perfect if it is what you really want.  Talk to your fiancee candidly, come up with a budget and don’t let yourselves get caught up in the drama of what your family wants.  You have tons of options out there, just take it slow and don’t get overwhelmed.  When you find the right spot, I guarantee you will instantly feel better and the rest of the planning will fall into place.

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