Photography Sessions at The Old Cigar Warehouse

Booking a photographer is not only essential for capturing moments on your wedding day, but for documenting your engagement too! Engagement sessions and bridal portraits are becoming more and more popular.  Wondering where you should have such beautiful shots done? Why not at the Old Cigar Warehouse! Whether or not you are one of our booked brides, you can have your photographer come and take your engagement photos and/or bridal portraits in and outside our one-of-a-kind venue.

Due to our constantly busy schedule, we do ask for no more than a three-week notice to ensure that the space is all yours on the day of your photography session. You never know when a client might book the space for an event, or when we have scheduled routine maintenance! Ideally your photography session be booked during the week as to avoid clashing with our weekend events.Similar to booking with our venue, we ask that your photographer provide a certificate of insurance listing the Old Cigar Warehouse as an additional insured to be handed in prior to your photography session. However, if they have worked in our space before, we probably already have their information. If you’re scratching your head and wondering why this is a requirement, take a peek at our Insurance 101 blog post for clarity. A great perk? If you book an indoor photography session, there is a changing area available inside our venue that is yours for your session! Find our pricing packages for photography sessions below:

Outdoor Session (1.5 hours): $25
Indoor Session (2 hours): $70
Indoor Session (3 hours): $90​

3 Things to Remember:

  • If you are already one of our booked brides, keep in mind that you do have a complimentary two hour photo session with your photographer. Be sure to still have their vendor agreement and certificate of insurance for the photo session!
  • For additional information and to request a photography session, click here!
  • Check out some of the work that our approved photographers have done on location. For more information on some of our preferred photographers, check out our vendor page!

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