Vendor Spotlight: Table 301

If you’ve ever been to downtown Greenville to explore the foodie scene, then we don’t have to tell you twice that the grub is one for the books. There is one group of restaurants that has certainly made their mark on this growing little city and that my friends, without a doubt, is Table 301. Carl Sobocinski, owner of Table 301, not only stakes claim to town favorites such as The Lazy Goat, NOSEDIVE gastropub, and Soby’s, but also Table 301 Catering. We could go on and on about how awesome Table 301 is, but let’s focus on the catering aspect since this is the team that frequents our venue. You can have your wedding, and your favorite dishes of Greenville too!


Table 301 Catering is an excellent stop for anyone looking for delicious food to serve at their event. This Greenville-based company definitely caters to your event individually. They thrive on the fact that they don’t just provide “event-type” menus which allows them to contribute to the clients’ needs in a more customized way. Even if you have no clue what kind of food you want to serve for your guests, when working with Table 301 Catering you immediately are exposed to years of culinary experience. Be prepared for different types of delicious gourmet food similar to what is offered in the various storefronts around Greenville.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 3.11.12 PM


Table 301 Catering proves that their creativity does not stop with the taste of the food. Presentation is clearly a priority for this crew, so your guests will not only be blown away by the variety of flavor, but the aesthetics! Check out Table 301 for your wedding reception, social or corporate event, or maybe just an private gathering at your home. In the meantime, you can find us at Lazy Goat devouring a plate of fried goat cheese bites…yum!




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