Wedding Brunch Reception: Tips for Upstate Brides

Dinner, drinks, dancing. This is the making of any basic wedding reception. But why be basic?! What if you’re looking to do something different? One word for you all: Brunch! Breakfast, or brunch rather, is not only the most important meal of the day but it’s also the most delicious! Well, at least I think so… And if you’re looking to do something a little outside of the box, why not start one of the most important days of your life with a scrumptious, out-of-the-ordinary wedding meal? Sounds good to us! Read on for ways that some our favorite vendors in the Upstate can help you pull off a wedding in the morning, complete with all of your favorite brunch dishes!



Just because your celebration will be taking place in the morning or mid-day, doesn’t mean you have to go without bar services. The Upstate’s only special event bartending company, Liquid Catering, has a number of full-service bar packages available. But since we’re focusing on a special brunch reception, consider the Wake-Up Bar package. You read that right! This option gives couples the opportunity to serve guests classic early-in-the-day cocktails, Bloody Mary’s and mimosas, without worrying about a thing. A full Bloody Mary bar featuring Absolut Peppar vodka, champagne, various juices, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Yuengling and your choice of three house wines. Add on glassware to kick up the presentation and ta-da! Your brunch reception is already looking snazzy.

Pictures provided by Buttercream Bakehouse       Pictures provided by Buttercream Bakehouse

A question that might be popping into your head right now is, “What about my wedding cake?” Seems a little stiff and too dessert-y for earlier hours of the day. No need to worry though, because you can have your cake and eat it too…brunch style. Buttercream Bakehouse to the rescue! Karrie with Buttercream Bakehouse suggests doing peaches and cream cupcakes with fresh peaches on top. Mmm! Other brunch cake options can include a strawberry shortcake, cheesecake, tarts, cobblers, or an apple breakfast cake. Need some more oomph? Ask about doing a Belgian waffle cake…YUM! Buttercream Bakehouse also suggests incorporating fruit in the summertime for a great burst of color and natural flavor.

If a catering company has a brunch menu but does not say anything in regards to a wedding reception in the same sentence, don’t be afraid to ask. Some of our preferred vendors offer some fantastic menus when it comes to breakfast/brunch food; and would be more than happy to make it happen for a wedding just as much as a corporate function on a Tuesday morning! All the morning essentials included, plus coffee! We suggest checking out Good Life Catering and Chef 360 Catering for some tasty options.

There you have it–some helpful hints for the Upstate SC bride when it comes to a brunch reception! We’re loving this trend!



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