Vendor Spotlight: Upstate I Do

Details, details, details. Most brides’ biggest feat for their wedding day is remembering all of the details that they have planned. Too often are details organized in advance, and then go out the window the day of. The last thing a bride should ever have to worry about is whether or not she got all of them done for guests to enjoy. Many of our past brides would agree that it’s easy to forget that your wedding day is supposed to be about celebrating love and enjoying the little details too! We understand that these details are important so when looking for someone to help ensure they all get done, be sure to look into Upstate I Do.


Upstate I Do is located in Greenville, SC and has been serving Upstate SC brides with a variety of packages that can be customized depending on the event. Their services include the Silver Package, Gold Package, Diamond Package, and the à la carte option. These packages determine I Do’s involvement in the planning leading up to the big day. For example, the Silver Package contains 1 consultation while the Diamond Package includes up to 5 consultations. These wonderful packages can be found on their services page where anyone can take note that the team at I Do can also help create custom packages in order to cater to specific event needs.


Need a little more inspiration? Upstate I Do has got you covered on their blog too! Take a look at the work they do with their couples as they feature an article on the couple and the vendors they used for their wedding day. Its another way to begin to see what kind of vendors are available to you, especially if the themes are going to be similar. Upstate I Do can be reached by going to their contact page in order to start planning with this fantastic team!


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