Vendor Spotlight: Fairytale Florist

The childhood fantasy of having a fairytale wedding doesn’t have to fade away. If you dream it, you can have it! We may not be able to help you land Prince Charming, but we know just the florist to turn your wedding into a wonderland: Fairytale Florist!


The ‘Floral Queen’ behind Fairytale Florist is Shannon Reilly, an artistic spirit with over 13 years of experience. She hasn’t always been a business owner but when customers started frequently requesting her services, Shannon opened up her shop. Her floral and gift boutique was born right here in Greenville, and ever since has designed arrangements for countless special events and memorable moments. Shannon’s main goal is one we can agree with: provide the best possible customer service while making each experience truly unique and special.

Fairytale Florist, however, is not your average flower shop. Aside from personal service and pre-made gifts, Shannon and her crew offer Diva Nights where registrants gather to learn more about arranging flowers and decorating for the holidays. Sounds like the perfect present for mom! Something else to get excited about is the prospect of children’s craft camps. Fairytale Florist explains that these will be geared toward younger kids to hone in on and develop their artistic talents, or to utilize for birthday parties. Sounds fun to us!

There are so many ways Fairytale Florist can help you add some pizzazz or a classic touch to your next event. Just recently at our last bridal open house, we got a peek of what they offer–fresh centerpieces ideal for any wedding style! Check out more photos below and be sure to browse their gift shop. Stop in the boutique some time and say hi! You never know what you’ll walk away with.




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