5 Tricks to Make Your Outdoor Event Run Smoothly

In case you live under a rock, spring has most definitely sprung and summer is well on its way! The weather has been turning from warm to hot and for us event professionals, that means coordinating outdoor spaces. Whether dealing with a completely outdoor venue or one that is partially outdoors, there’s quite a few tricks of the trade to ensure everything runs smoothly and that guests are happy. Here’s just a key few to keep in mind for your summer soiree:

frilly bloomer

Provide ample shaded areas. – This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s extremely important! If your venue is completely outdoors, you don’t want to host an event where people are uncomfortable from the overbearing heat. Simply put, rent a few tents from a local event rental company and provide plenty of seating. This way folks can enjoy being outside without confronting heat stroke.

ALWAYS have a rain plan. – It doesn’t matter if the weatherman is calling for sunny skies and a light breeze. Any outdoor event must have a rain plan! Are you going to have tents and tarps on deck just in case? Is there an indoor space that you can quickly move to if need be? What is the timeline and set up situation look like if it does rain? These are essential questions to ask yourself, and have answers for, before the day-of.

Wait, instead of wilt. – Any good florist will tell you that they cannot set up flowers until the very last minute with an outside event. You’re battling the elements here, and with thick heat those gorgeous floral arrangements will wilt and could be drained before guests even arrive. Even if you’re not hiring a professional, take caution and be prepared to wait on setting up those beauties.

Don’t forget the ice, ice, baby. – Definitely treat your guests to refreshing cocktails and non-alcoholic beverage options, but keep in mind that ice does in fact melt faster in the warm outdoors (duh!). Set your sights on a good amount of ice, and then some. With a long wedding reception for 200+ people, ice will go quicker than you think and you could risk drinks not being chilled at all! Of course, any professional service that you hire should know this and plan accordingly.

Give guests a chance to freshen up. – This one is for the ladies. Dancing, drinking, and sometimes even just sitting outside in the midst of summer can make one very…um, sweaty. If you really want to be a crowd-pleaser, stock bathrooms with everything they might need to freshen up and stay pretty. Spray deodorant, make up wipes, paper towels, etc. You get the drift–guests will notice these details!


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