Vendor Spotlight: Henry’s Smokehouse

Do you love barbeque (Who doesn’t?!)? Then you’ll absolutely love Henry’s Smokehouse! Classic mouthwatering goodness is just what Henry’s delivers. Curious to know how they’re more than just your average BBQ joint? Read on!


Henry’s Smokehouse does not mess around when it comes to a barbeque meal. They believe in the good ‘ol Southern way of cooking the pork with lean top choice meats, open pits with hickory logs, and sloooowww going over low temperatures. After that, chefs hand-pull only the most tender and juicy portions. The end result is perfection paired with one of Henry’s tasty sauces. You’ll just have to taste it to believe it!

Henry’s currently has three locations in the Upstate area and can also accommodate your catering needs. They have been in our venue numerous times for weddings, and it has been wonderful. Be sure to give them a call to go over the details as there are a variety of options available depending on what you want for your event. Even if you’re just wanting to make a quick lunch trip and serve an entire office, Henry’s offers bulk orders of some of their most popular food items.

Okay, so our favorite part about Henry’s Smokehouse? They have a food truck, Henry’s Hog Hauler! You don’t have to say that five times fast, but you do have to make time to seek it out on the streets of Greenville. All the delicious BBQ grub and friendly service of Henry’s taken to a new (mobile) level. We’ve love what they’ve got going on, and are excited to them soon. Whether at one of the restaurant locations or somewhere in the Greenville community, catching some BBQ from Henry’s is just what you need to make a good day better!


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