Vendor Spotlight: Events with Amore

A heart for people
That’s Amore.

Events with Amore

Meet Maria Amore, the enthusiastic event planner for Events with Amore. No matter the occasion or size of the event, Maria brings the same level of excitement to every event that she plans. Maria first entered the hospitality industry working as a front desk clerk at a hotel. After getting a taste of what customer service is really all about, Maria quickly moved up in the ranks serving as Function Director and then Convention Services Manager. Now that she has her own personal stake in the events world, she is truly giving her clients the amore they deserve.

Maria is open to helping plan any event you may have on your hands, from weddings to corporate events. She knows that not every client is the same and that each one has their own wants, needs, and ideas. Let’s say you’re in the midst of coordinating your wedding, for example. Events with Amore has a range of packages dependent on those wants, needs, and ideas that you have. Just a quick planning session to get the ball rolling? Maria offers just that with vendor recommendations, budgeting assistance, and a detailed checklist. Or maybe you’re thinking more along the lines of someone to get you through the whole planning process? No problem, Maria can take care of that too. Our best advice is to give her a call to get the full scoop on available services!

A special occasion should be just that: special. By hiring Maria, you’re guaranteeing an event with quality care and attention. We strive for every event in our venue to be spectacular, and we just know that Events with Amore will help make that happen!

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