What NOT to DIY for Your Wedding

These days, it’s all about the DIY. Show off your crafty skills and save money–it’s the perfect solution! What with detailed how-to’s in magazines, blogs, and everywhere on Pinterest, the cool money-saving tricks for your wedding are endless. However, there are a few core things that you might want to truly consider NOT DIY-ing for the big day. After all, it is “the big day” isn’t it? Why risk something going wrong?

The Food – No one’s doubting that your aunt is an absolutely amazing cook or that your grandma has that special secret sauce recipe, but when it comes down to it, you’ll need to hire a catering company for your wedding. Your aunt can easily whip up a full dinner for your extended family, but what about for 100+ people? Talk about expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. She wants to be dressed up and enjoying herself, not slaving away in the kitchen. A catering company will take care of the menu and all the grunt work that comes with it. And that family recipe you want to incorporate? Just give it to them and they’ll make it happen.

The Bar – Definitely do not DIY this one. Consider how difficult it would be to purchase both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for a large amount of people. If you go for it yourself you risk misjudging by a landslide either by not having enough and running out the day of, or spending excessive amounts of money on too much. Not to mention, you might be stopping at a number of different stores to get what you want/need. What about the physical bar itself? The mixers, garnishes, ice, equipment, and insurance?! Alcohol = liability. Finally, we wouldn’t suggest putting your faith in a Craigslist ad or a friend for the bartender position either. Hiring a professional and legal full-service company is your best bet.

The Photography – Ahh, yes…the photos. Other than your love itself, these gems are what will preserve your wedding day and all the memories forever. We don’t suggest relying on a “friendor” for this important aspect of your wedding. Your sister’s best friend might have a nice camera with all the works but does she have the proper training and experience? Can she offer customized photo albums? Does she have a partner to help out in capturing all the moments that are happening all at once? Unless the answer to these questions is yes, consider a highly referred photographer to do the deed.

The Music – Yet another wedding detail not to DIY. While it’s very easy to let your iPod run its course with the playlist you made just for the reception, consider what your getting with a DJ or band. They’ll not only be able to play the songs you want, but also take requests and emcee the affair letting guests know when you’re about to cut the cake, do your first dance, or head outside for a sparkler send-off. Without a human at the helm of the music and microphone, your guests might miss key moments of your big day or get bored. Oh, and at the end of the night…who’s going to make sure to grab that expensive iPod?

There you have it. While we recommend hiring a professional for nearly every part of your wedding, these four should give you a pretty good idea of how difficult it can be to truly DIY the whole event. We know you want to save money, but any extra cost is worth the excellent quality that you’ll be getting with professional wedding vendors. And who knows, you might actually be spending MORE money doing it yourself. In the end, it’s all about relieving you and your loved ones from stress and confusion. To see a list of all the Old Cigar Warehouse’s preferred vendors, click here. Happy planning!

Professional vs. Amateur

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