Vendor Spotlight: Marshall Graham Photography

marshall grahamIf you’re looking for a photographer for your upcoming wedding, consider the search over! Marshall Graham Photography, located in Greenville, SC is one of the best photographers in the Upstate. He grew up in the wedding business, so he knows exactly what he’s doing. When he was younger, he spent his Saturday afternoons helping his family set up for weddings. To say that he could do this with his eyes closed would be a vast understatement!

Marshall aims to create magnificent photos of your big day: ones that you would want displayed on your wall for friends and family to see. He has perfected the art of capturing emotion in photos like none other. And let’s be honest: other than love itself, the photographs are one of the most important aspects of your big day! After all, this is what you will look at in years to come to bring all the memories back to life and show to future children or grandchildren.


Marshall tailors his business strictly around the bride and groom; they are the most important factor to him as he captures these special, once-in-a-lifetime moments. He strives to capture every moment so that if you were to look at each photo, you would experience the emotion and feel as if you were there. Marshall will also take that extra step and make sure the bride and groom, as well as the wedding parties, are well taken care of. Even if that means tying the groom’s tie or putting bobby pins in the bride’s hair, he has truly mastered the art of making your wedding day run smoothly.

There are four different wedding photography packages to choose from at Marshall Graham Photography, all of which include all-day wedding coverage and a DVD full of edited wedding photos for you and your loved ones to own!

You will not regret booking Marshall Graham Photography for your wedding. He and his assistants will make sure to capture those special moments in a way that you never thought would be possible.


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