Vendor Spotlight: Chocolate Moose

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cupcakes–and that’s kind of the same thing.”

Wondering where to satisfy your sweet tooth? Chocolate Moose goes the extra mile to satisfy those kinds of cravings. Owner and founder Kristin Kuhike Cobb has perfected simple dessert recipes that are packed full of flavor. While vacationing in an Italian village, Kristin met mother and daughter duo, Rosy and Carla, who operate an inn in the historic Tuscany region. Rosy and Carla bake delicious bread and cakes in a traditional oven every day, but what really stood out to Kristin was their tiramisu. She actually loved it so much that after returning to Greenville, she planned another trip to Italy to try more delicious treats from them. Ultimately she was hopeful to have the honor of getting in the know about the family recipe. Luckily for Kristin (and us Greenvillians!), the recipe along with several others, was passed along for her to take back to South Carolina and incorporate into Chocolate Moose.

Carla, Rosy, and Kristin
Thank you to Visit Greenville for this photo of the shop’s entrance!

Keepin’ it simple and makin’ it sweet, Chocolate Moose’s cupcakes are to die for! They have ten flavors of cupcakes that they serve everyday such as black & white, chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, and vanilla with chocolate. They also serve specialty cupcake flavors depending on the day of the week. For example, on a Thursday you could order cupcakes with flavors such as banana butterscotch, blackberry, chocolate peanut butter, or cookies n creme. On a Saturday, you could find flavors such as chocolate tuxedo, coconut, key lime, and salted caramel chocolate. But that’s only the beginning; the list goes on and on. Yum! Not to mention the bakery is located right in the heart of downtown Greenville. Suh-weet.

cupcake 2

Other must-haves at Chocolate Moose are the cake pops, fresh muffins, parfaits, banana pudding, and obviously the “Tira-Moose-Sue” and Choco Moose pie. They also offer gluten-free and vegan style treats. Whatever flavor or style you’re looking for, Kristin and her team will go above and beyond to make it happen. While all of the treats have extraordinary flavors and organic ingredients, Chocolate Moose strives to keep prices low and affordable for customers.

It’s not just about popping into the shop and grabbing a box of these sweet treats, though. Enter the Moose Mobile! Fresh cupcakes delivered for any occasion. Wedding cupcakes anyone?! We’ve even seen the Moose Mobile at a few food truck rallies and special events. We thank them for being a part of our Grand Opening last August. They provided some delicious mini cupcakes that tasted as great as they looked.

Mini cupcake display from our Grand Opening. Thanks to Muse 10 Photography for the shot!

Now that you’re mouth is watering, we’ll let you get to it. Just remember to give the Moose a call when you’re in need of some specialty cupcakes, or just stop in when you’re downtown!

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