Cellar 912: Greenville’s First Pop-Up Restaurant

We love Greenville. How can we not? The city is known both for a being a young professional’s thriving hot spot as well as one of the nation’s top cities to retire. Vibrant with successful growth but still maintaining that Southern charm, Greenville has been nationally recognized for its culture and prosperity. One of the city’s favorite bragging rights is rooted in the foodie scene. Tons of unique eateries, local farmer’s markets, emerging food truck community, micro breweries and distilleries…the list goes on and is growing each year. How could we contribute to the amazing foodie haven that is continuing to cultivate in the Upstate? The answer was a pop-up restaurant. Seen in larger cities, we wanted to bring the concept home to Greenville.


Long story short, the idea flourished into a solidified game plan. The Old Cigar Warehouse, an event venue with a full catering kitchen, would play host to showcasing the restaurant. Chef Peter Collins with Chef 360 Catering would create a four course menu for guests. Last but not least, Liquid Catering, special event bartending company, would provide fine wines to pair with each course. This trio set out to bring Greenville it’s first true pop-up restaurant, Cellar 912. Valentine’s Day weekend was the intended goal for Cellar 912, giving guests a new dining opportunity for the holiday. We test drove the food and wine, making the website and social media go live soon after. The word was out! Cellar 912 was popping up soon and it was going to be an experience unlike any other in the area.

Weeks of anticipation went by with excellent news coverage and excitement abound. Then the unthinkable happened: a full blown snow and ice storm hit the Southeast days before the debut! Thursday reservations had to be cancelled and Sunday service had to be opened up. Our staff is resilient and wonderful, though, making changes in a matter of hours, trudging through icy road conditions, and overall working hard to make the restaurant a success. We debuted with a 5:00 pm seating on Friday, February 14th. While it was unfortunate that we did not have the soft opening on Thursday, we quickly worked out the kinks and the weekend was spectacular with rave reviews and fun times. The live music every night made the atmosphere extra romantic–compliments of The Erica Berg Collective, Jacob Johnson Tunes, and Sharon Gerber Music. Check out the photos…

               _DSC0230  _DSC0163

One of our hostesses of the weekend, Arynn!
Lounge area before being seated into the Main Hall
Liquid Catering provided a full bar for the Lounge area aside from the wine pairings
A glimpse into the Main Hall dining room
Sharon Gerber playing Sunday evening at the top of the grand staircase

We encourage everyone to view many more photos of Cellar 912’s first pop up weekend HERE.

A new concept for Greenville, we hope everyone who came out this past weekend enjoyed their experience and will come again the next time we pop up. When will that be you ask? Just stay tuned because you never know…

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