Vendor Spotlight: Buttercream Bakehouse

Practice makes perfect. And in Karrie’s case, her consistent practice of baking, decorating, and specialty techniques landed her a cake bakery to call her own, Buttercream Bakehouse.

Traveling with the military for over a decade alongside her husband, Glen, Karrie became the go-to woman for making cakes for their comrades’ life events. Whether they were celebrating a baby shower or promotion, she was there to make the event that much sweeter. Flash forward a few years after first starting this venture, and Karrie wound up at cake class in England and soon thereafter a professional cake show featuring a variety of decorating techniques and designs. The hobby had suddenly become more exciting. Not to mention all the decadent pastry shops in Europe that were perfect for inspiration. Karrie was hooked.



Buttercream Bakehouse is one of our preferred vendors not just because they’re great to work with, but because they have amazing desserts! While many of their works look complex, that doesn’t mean that they’re not tasty too. Karrie says, “We have always believed that quality in food is the most important feature. If it doesn’t taste amazing why bother?”

We agree. If a cake looks great, it better taste great too! Brides and grooms, take note. Wouldn’t you want this level of quality at your wedding? Buttercream Bakehouse can do cakes, cupcakes, pound cakes, and more for any event, but we’re big fans of their wedding cakes. Rich in flavor and unique, contemporary designs!

         buttercream3  buttercream5


That’s all for now Buttercream Bakehouse…our sweet tooth is aching just looking at these photos! Call them to sweeten up your next special event and don’t forget to like them on Facebook for great discounts, deals, and contests!


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