A Toast to Ashley & Scotty

Ever have the feeling that the thing you’re looking for is right under your nose? Maybe it’s your sunglasses still on your head, or maybe it’s the answer to a crossword. Or maybe…it’s love. Ashley and Scotty went to the same high school, both attended Clemson University, had the same mutual friends for over 12 years; and yet never dated until just recently. We hosted their wedding this past November and it was easy to see that after a decade of lingering under each other’s noses, this super cool couple had finally found their other half in each other.


Ashley and Scotty are loved by so many. They presented us with the largest ceremony in our space to date and an 18-person bridal party! So many family members pitched in to help make their dream wedding a reality. First, Ashley’s cousin helped design the ceremony which included a 9′ rustic pergola and candlelight chandelier. Talk about gorgeous! Keeping with family tradition, Ashley’s grandfather performed the ceremony. A perfect touch to a perfect moment. Compliments to Willow Florals for constructing the pergola on-site and creating some amazing bouquets! And we couldn’t be more thankful that Jennifer with Love This Little City was there to coordinate all of the big day’s happenings!



                Wedding-1198 Wedding-1210

Once the ceremony was complete and the space was flipped for the reception, it was time for one of our favorite parts of any wedding in our venue: the newlyweds big entrance down the grand staircase. Cheers erupted as Ashley and Scotty emerged from the Deck door and made their way into the middle of the dance floor for the first dance. But after this tender moment no one knew what to expect. A huge surprise to get the party started, the parents of the couple and their friends broke out into a full-fledged flash mob!




The dancing was underway! And what better wedding favor to offer to a group ready to boogie than sunglasses and flip flops? Comfort with a cool-factor. In addition to a Premium Bar package provided by Liquid Catering, champagne was served all night long to celebrate Ashley and Scotty. There was no lack of energy from the crowd throughout the evening. Everyone was there for a fantastic evening and did not disappoint with the dance moves and undying affection for the newly married duo.



We love a wedding with special details. Ashley and Scotty’s reception was full of them! Their honeymoon was set for one of the most romantic cities in the world–Paris, France. Atop their wedding cake done by Cakehead Bake Shop was the prettiest Eiffel Tower piece in honor of this bucket list trip. Both the bride and groom were Clemson graduates. If you’re from the South, you know that this is big deal. Scotty’s garter toss was an ode to he and his new wife’s beloved Tigers as the material was wrapped around a football tossed to his buddies. Furthermore, we couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Ashley and Scotty had opted for many of our wedding upgrades including the venue’s antique furniture for guests to lounge on, the Main Hall’s up-lighting, and the rustic wine barrel bar to display photos on.




As the chilly night in November came to an end, family and friends gathered outside for a classic sparkler send-off. We watched Ashley and Scotty mount their vintage getaway car, owned by Scotty’s father, and take off into the night. We saw them first walk into our venue and fall in love with the space and now we were seeing them embark on a new life together. It was a great moment capping off a fabulous day. It warms our hearts to meet such wonderful couples and watch their wedding planning journey turn into everything they hoped and dreamed for their big day. Cheers to Ashley and Scotty and to many more here at The Old Cigar Warehouse!



Thank you to Todd Williams at Magnolia Studios for all the photographs! To view more photos of Ashley and Scotty’s wedding, please check them out here.


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