Vendor Spotlight: Jumping Jukebox

Quick question for you: ready to party? Well, we know a company ready to get the party started and keep it going all night, Jumping Jukebox. Whether you are looking for a DJ for your wedding reception, birthday party, or a holiday party, Jumping Jukebox is ready to make your party a blast!


Jumping Jukebox is detail-oriented and will sit down with you and plan out the details of what music you would like to be played, when it should be played, and for how long. Along with DJ services, they also will provide emcee services to make sure that your event goes smoothly by keeping guests on schedule. Sounds like a load off your shoulders! Our favorite part of the whole deal? They allow their customers to make “Do Not Play” lists for all those overly played songs on the radio or just that song you simply cannot stand. Even if someone requests it, it won’t be played!


Another great thing about Jumping Jukebox is that you are able to plan your event via their online planning system that allows you to pick and choose songs that you would like played and not have to make a trip to meet with someone. How convenient! They are there to make sure that you and your guests have a great time and they even will play along with the theme of your event. So if you’re hosting a wedding, tuxedos are a given. But if you’re having a summer party, the Jumping Jukebox DJs will be more than happy to show up in Hawaiian shirts and shorts or anything else casual.


Weddings have been their specialty since 1982 and they continue to show their professionalism through their devotion and commitment to their customers. On their website, they state “Please understand, at Jumping Jukebox, you’re NOT “just another event”. Our work begins long before show time. We work with you as closely as necessary to make certain that your event meets or exceeds your expectations in every manner.”

So next time that you are looking to book an awesome DJ for your event, make sure that you check out Jumping Jukebox!

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