Here’s to one of our first: Linsey & Brian!

When we think back to when our gorgeously historic building was first conceptualized to become an event venue, we remember the raw space without all the renovations. No grand staircase, no fully functional restrooms, no prep kitchen, no bridal suite, and so many other details that we have incorporated within the last several months. It’s also easy to recall some of our first brides that walked through our doors without any real notion of what these future additions would look like. Just ask Linsey and her now husband, Brian.


Linsey and Brian were indeed one of the very first couples to book a wedding with us here at the Old Cigar Warehouse. In the earlier days, we were nervous that some folks might not be able to envision their big day in a place that still needed so much work done, but with a couple so easy-going and fun-loving as these two, they pictured it perfectly and fell in love with the venue right away.

Not to say that they were totally surprised on the day of; Linsey made sure to come to our bridal open houses that we hosted leading up to the wedding so she could see the progress. And at last, during her final meeting with us, she saw everything completely finished. What a treat to see brand new restrooms with antique touches, a bridal suite with all the fixings, and of course, the beautiful grand staircase that she would be making her entrance down.


The day after the wedding was unfortunately one of the rainiest of the season, but Linsey and Brian’s special fall day was pristine and clear. Their wedding was also one of the first where we had to “flip” the space; meaning that the ceremony was held in the Main Hall, guests then moved to the Deck for cocktail hour while we rearranged chairs, tables, and decor, and then everyone moved back inside once we were finished. A great learning experience on our end!

Linsey and Brian’s ceremony was quite special. First, it was officiated by the great Lisa Baker with Weddings by Lisa. Second, they strayed from the typical alter and instead designed their own! With the wood handcrafted by Brian himself and adorned with ribbons galore, this was something that the pair worked on together. Not only that, but they wanted to create a fun backdrop for their guests to take photos with later on in the night. A cool idea from an even cooler couple.

cigar warehouse wedding ceremony   nesbit8

As you can tell, we love weddings where there are personal touches. Aside from the alter, there were several aspects of the decor that were a part of the family and meant a great deal to the couple. For example, take Linsey’s lovely bouquet. Made from over 200 individual pieces including brooches and flowers, they were all carefully taped and not glued for preservation. All thanks to the amazing Renee Burroughs Design! Renee also graced the space that evening with her unique centerpieces that mirrored the couple’s style wonderfully.

bouquet     nesbit flowers

As guests cheers’ed to the new couple, the reception was underway. A spread of barbeque was provided by Mutt’s BBQ and a full bar compliments of Liquid Catering. Linsey and Brian hosted a smaller wedding with fewer guests than average, but it made for a great laid back, intimate celebration.

Lest we forget yet another unique moment of the duo’s evening! They opted for one of the hottest wedding trends of 2013: a naked cake. Sounds dirty, tastes delicious. What looks to be an unfinished cake with very minimal icing only to line the layers, this style matched our venue to a T–pretty, rustic, and organic. Naked cakes bring out the simple, natural beauty of the dessert rather than being covered with layers of butter cream or fondant. Big thanks to Sweetie’s Cakes for making this one possible.

cake    cutting the cake

The night was coming to a close and it’s hard not to wish it could’ve lasted just a bit longer. This delightful couple that we had grown to know and love so well had to finally leave us and our venue for the last time. We helped round up the guests and prepared to treat the bride and groom to a sparkler send-off on the Deck. Before we knew it they were off in their getaway car and already starting their new life together fresh off the high of their wedding day. We are so happy to know that the whole affair was a success and that they were pleased. They were one of our first, and one that we’ll never forget.




For more photos of Linsey & Brian’s wedding, please visit their album on our Facebook page.

All photos taken by the talented Cureton Photography. Visit their website for additional information on wedding packages.

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