Vendor Spotlight: Better Tie Productions

Since the dawn of Pinterest, we have all seen those adorable wedding videos and bridal photography pinned by our friends and family that showcase weddings in all of their glory. Are you looking for a company to do this? Are you looking for a company to do this that is extremely professional and takes the time to get to know you?


Better Tie Productions is ready to take on the challenge! The company was started back in 2003 by Daniel Yopp, who has worked in the TV, film, and theatre industry for more than 18 years. Daniel was joined by his brother, Elisha, who started out his career as an actor and 13 years later found his passion for photography and creative production. The two brothers work tirelessly with their clients to capture the best moments and allow you to relive them forever. Daniel and Elisha take the time to understand your needs and wants and will make your shoot or design unique and not the typical cookie cutter photographs.

Along with photography and videography, they also can provide lighting for your event! Lighting can do a lot for your event and it can create a completely different ambience. Daniel and Elisha have the expertise to do this and will make your venue look fabulous!


Their website features testimonials and examples of their work. The testimonials have nothing but great things to say about the work that Better Tie Productions does and this is a great testament to their professionalism.

To get in touch with them, you can visit their website and fill out a web submission so that they can work with you and create the event production of your dreams!

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