Vendor Spotlight: CB Events

Sometimes you need to wow a crowd when planning a special event. Actually, that is all the time. Specializing in overall event design and furniture rentals, we present to you CB Events!





Brenda and Carrie are a one of a kind, dynamic duo that any major event needs on their planning squad. With years of experience, these two ladies know how to help you from the get-go with theme concept moving on to full 3D layouts of the space, and finishing with some amazing rentals to top off that wow-factor. As you can see from the photos, their available furniture is chic, modern, and ultra comfortable. However, we know of plenty of pieces that would fit with our own venue boasting that rustic feel!

It may seem easy to create an event layout, but when you rope in so many eclectic pieces it becomes tricky on where to stage what and to figure out what makes sense for guest flow. That’s where CB Events comes in. As they say, everyone loves surprises…but not on the day of an event. With their extensive planning and consultation, you will know exactly how things are going to go down and look.

Although C & B pull off one wicked corporate event and provide more than enough expertise with Greenville’s Euphoria festival in the fall, they can just as well make a wedding look super lavish. Give them a call today and find out what can make your next event be better than the rest!






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