Vendor Spotlight: Elite Audio Visual Solutions

Lights! Camera! Action! No, you don’t need to be filming a movie to shout this phrase. You may simply be orchestrating a special event. And you certainly need all three of these elements to do so. Why not make one phone call to knock em all out at once? We suggest Elite Audio Visual Solutions.

Serving both Georgia and South Carolina, we get excited when we know Elite Audio VS has been hired for an event at our venue. They specialize in event LED up-lighting (Lights!), photo booths (Camera!), and DJ services (Action!). Oh, and if you’re still interested in the whole movie thing, they can provide all the necessary equipment for a movie night in your backyard complete with a jumbo screen, high definition projector, and concession packages.


While Elite Audio VS can accommodate any event, weddings are essential to their business. The three packages available; Silver, Gold, & Platinum, are different combinations of their services depending on your needs and reception time frame. For a full description of these services and pricing, they ask that you call directly. If you’re looking for full-fledged fun with a professional DJ, cool lighting, and entertaining photo booth, there’s no better all-in-one company than Elite Audio.



We look forward to working with them in the very near future…aka this weekend! Check out the video below to see The Old Cigar Warehouse in all its glory with Elite Audio’s professional up-lighting. (Can you picture your event right there in the Main Hall?) Compliments of Muse 10 Photography, one of our previously featured vendors!


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