5 Wedding Gift Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

A golden rule of being a wedding attendee is to not upstage the bride and groom. However, no one ever said anything about outshining another guest…by giving the most perfect wedding gift! The star couple is sure to rake in plenty of random use-it-once appliances, picture frames, gift certificates, and other trinkets straight from their registry; but what about straying from the ordinary and wowing the bride and groom with something a bit more special? We’ve put together this small wedding gift guide for the guest wanting to make a lasting impression.

Wine Accessory Set. Consider more than just a nice bottle of wine for the newlyweds, but rather something that will last. We like this beautiful cherry wood gift box set from True Fabrications that includes a corkscrew opener, bottle stopper, pourer, drip ring, and of course resting space for your favorite vino to give. Perfect for: the wine connoisseur couple, the couple that likes to entertain, or the couple that will appreciate an elegant touch to a romantic evening


Honeymoon Excursion. Step 1 – Do some detective work to find out exactly when and where the bride and groom are honeymooning. Not just the location but the resort, hotel, cabin, cruise ship, etc. If you do not feel comfortable asking them directly, no doubt members of the bridal party or their parents will know. Step 2 – Find a local excursion or activity that you believe the couple will particularly enjoy and book it for them! Jet-skiing, horseback riding, wine tasting…the possibilities are endless. Step 3 – Enclose the print-out confirmation in your congratulatory card and ensure that they open it before the honeymoon. This is important if they are leaving the very next day after the wedding.


Personalized Mason Jars. We’re in the South, so this is one we really like aside from the usual custom wine glasses or monogrammed coffee cups. Have their names or Mr. & Mrs. etched into the side and ta-da!–the bride and groom have cool, go-to glasses for lemonade on a hot day. Really digging this set from user FrontPorchFancy on Etsy. Perfect for: the sweet Southern duo, if you’re on a budget


A Great Cookbook. The couple that cooks together, stays together! Think both classic and modern recipes for the newlyweds to try. And you know all those random, use-it-once kitchen appliances we mentioned? Help them put those to use maybe more than once by offering up something that can stay with them for a lifetime. We found this cookbook especially dedicated to newlyweds on Amazon and are more than intrigued by what’s inside. Perfect for: the couple that you know loves to cook (obviously) or try new things


Theme Park Season Passes: Check out the top theme parks near where the bride and groom live and snag them some season passes, simple as that. This will give them just the excuse they were looking for to do something different for a weekend. If you’ve spent just one day riding roller coasters and playing carnival games then you already know they will enjoy this way more then a new set of towels! Perfect for: the adventurous couple


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