10 Tricks to Trim Your Wedding Budget

Who says you can’t have your dream wedding without paying a fortune? We’ve got ten ways right here at your fingertips that can easily help cut down on expenses and yet still give your big day that WOW factor.


1. Get specific with your budget. First and foremost, you need to set a budget for your wedding planning. But to go even farther, give each expense a set limit. For example, you don’t want to spend more than $500 on a florist but are willing to spend near $1,000 on a photographer’s services.

2. Choose credit over cash. By no means are we condoning digging yourself a financial hole here but if your credit card company offers points when you buy certain things, rack ’em up in advance and save. Who knows…those points could knock out the bar package or a nice chunk of the honeymoon!

3. Hire a wedding planner. Plain and simple, you should definitely consider this. You’re probably reading this and thinking “How is that going to save me money?!” Wedding planners know the best vendors in town, can negotiate deals for you, and not to mention are basically walking wedding Pinterest boards of ideas.

4. Go to bridal shows. Not only will every vendor in your area be showcasing their services for you to see, taste, touch, smell, and hear, but the majority of them offer a raffle prize or two. Our last show we gave away $500 off the couple’s reception package. Score!

5. Plan for an “off day”. Here’s a secret: venues (ourselves included) charge more for Saturday rentals opposed to Fridays or Sundays. Having your wedding on one of these days can save you quite a bit.

6. Restrict that guest list. This is always one of the toughest aspects of wedding planning for couples. A solid list of invitations can take weeks for some to decide on. The size of your venue may already force you to cut it short, but just inviting family and close friends (not acquaintances!) will really help slim down the catering expenses no matter what.

7. Get creative with the bar. Understandably, a fully stocked open bar can get pretty pricey. Think about just offering beer and wine to get the reception rolling. Still want that extra kick? Opt for a fun custom cocktail to be added on.

8. Ditch the favors. To be honest, we hardly see weddings these days anymore that offer an end-of-the-night favor for each and every guest. If you really want to by all means go for it, but it can really save you some moolah to forgo them. Trust us, your guests are just going to appreciate having a good time!

9. Treat your feet. We’re talking to you brides…unless you’ve been eying that pair of glitter Jimmy Choo’s since before you got engaged, give your wallet a break and pick up a cute, inexpensive pair of flats or low heels. With a long wedding dress, no one will even see them. Oh–and with all the mingling you’ll be doing, forget sitting down. Go for comfort!

10. Keep your after-party low key. No need to hustle around to yet another venue after hours or buy decorations for a big extravagant after party. Why not just hit the town to some great local bars with your wedding party and whoever else is down? Way less pricey and way more fun to go out in public with all your wedding garb anyway.

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