5 Tips for Booking an Event Venue

Whether you’re planning a wedding, social, fundraiser, or corporate party, the first step is to book some sort of venue. And while we’re naturally partial to our amazing space here in downtown Greenville….(*hint, hint!) we still want to share a few tips to keep in mind when looking for the perfect spot for your event.

1. First and foremost, please schedule a meeting to see the site. It is hard for a venue to manage walk-in appointments if they have an office off-site or are away running errands! We know the venue is essentially the most important in event planning and you are anxious to get a certain date, but allow management to have some time to get ready for you.

2. Before walking in, prepare yourself with a list of questions to ask the manager. Some examples:
What are your AV capabilities?
Can you tell me about available parking for guests?
Where is the closest public transportation access point?
Can you recommend some good hotels nearby?
Does the venue have Internet access?
Storage, refrigerators, etc?
Can you recommend some vendors/caterers?
What are your set-up/clean-up rules?
–This is just a starting point. There are many more depending on the event type!

3. You want this event to run as smoothly as possible right? And when it’s over feel like it was a success? Consider a venue that is strict on allowing only licensed and insured vendors. That way in case something does go awry, you’re left with minimal stress.

4. Think about any additional services that you may need to hire for the venue. Is the space quite large or have multiple stories? Perhaps hire a security guard or two to survey the property throughout the event; especially if you anticipate a lot of drinking or rowdiness. Is it a colder time of the year? Hire on a greeter to check coats so guests are not awkwardly walking around with them or throwing them in a pile. Arrange where this area will be set up with the venue manager.

5. This one is for all public social and fundraising events. Connect with your venue on social media to help publicize the event. The have a completely different network to advertise to, so hook up with them on Facebook and Twitter so they can spread the word! Lastly, if there has been a specific Twitter #hashtag created for the event, don’t just tell people. Post it all over the venue during the event so everyone stays interactive.


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