Vendor Spotlights | Sposa Bella Photography

Craig and Lindsey Mahaffey are recognized as one of the most top wedding photographer teams in the Southeast, and have graced The Old Cigar Warehouse venue many, many times to capture timeless images of our couples. Their name, Sposa Bella, translates from Italian to mean “beautiful spouse.” Very fitting for this power couple!

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Congratulations Mandy and David!

Mandy and David met in Chicago at their favorite restaurant bar, called Hopleaf.  As drinks turned into dinner, the two began to realize they had a lot in common (like the street they lived on!) He walked her home, and later she accepted his invitation of a second date! 

Their best date ever was a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Mandy said it was incredible because she felt like a kid again all day.


The couple was multitasking in Michigan (dog sitting a pooch named Winston, and attending some friends’ wedding!).  The AirBnB that they would be sharing with 9 other friends wasn’t ready when the couple arrived, so they took the dogs for a walk across the Michigan Dunes.  After the dogs had gotten their fill of the Dunes, Mandy decided it was time to head back.  As she turned to leave, Dave called to her, “You forgot something!” Mandy turned around to see him on his knee! The couple headed back to the AirBnB where they got to celebrate with all of their friends!

We asked Mandy when she knew Dave was the one, and she said “I think I kind of always knew! Right from the beginning. It just felt right.”

The couple will be going to Italy on their honeymoon, eating up all the carbs and drinking up all the wine they can get their hands on! Congratulations Mandy and Dave! We are so excited to celebrate with you!

Congratulations Ashton and Hayden!

Hayden and Ashton met in high school.  The two were not exactly high school sweethearts, but rather high school best friends! It wasn’t until after graduation that the two began dating.  The couple is just so in tune with each other, and so happy to be getting married!


Their favorite date of all time was a day trip up to Highlands, NC, which became the inspiration for Hayden’s proposal! He popped the question at Stumphouse Tunnel as a reenactment of the wonderful date they had a few years back!

In Hayden’s own words, “I knew my fiancé was the one when we talked about the future and I couldn’t envision it without her in it.” How sweet?!

The couple is hoping to go to Costa Rica for their honeymoon! Congratulations Hayden and Ashton! We are so excited to host your special day!

Congratulations Ellen + Dominic!

Ellen and Dominic will be celebrating their reception with us at The Old Cigar Warehouse in 2017.  The couple is so excited to be getting married, and we are so excited to host them on their special day!

e22ff910-c307-428e-a43c-0bb037d661cd-rt_autoDominic and Ellen are one of those couples that deserve their own romantic movie.  Ellen had been hearing about Dominic for years before even seeing his face! There was always something in the way people would talk about him that made Ellen feel like she needed to meet Dominic.  When she finally saw a picture of him, she had an overwhelming feeling that she already knew him.  In her own words, “I knew his face would be important to me. I know that sounds crazy, but it was like sitting in a movie theatre and watching a preview for an adaptation of your favorite book, when you didn’t know it was coming out. You recognize what you’re seeing even though you’ve never had a visual of it before.”

fc930850-afee-4a4d-880e-59ed6393b0ed-rt_autoThroughout all of this, Dominic never even knew Ellen existed, but as fate would have it, after they finally met the two fell in love and decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.  Looks like Ellen’s premonition was spot on (in the best of ways)!

IMG_4169 (2).jpgCongratulations to the happy couple, we are so glad that your happily ever after worked out the way it did! We are so excited to celebrate with you on your wedding day!

Congratulations Suzannah + Justin!

Suzannah and Justin were fixed up by a mutual friend.  The two heard story after story about each other before finally meeting for a date.  They have been happily together ever since!


Suzannah and Justin’s all time favorite date is the Virginia Wine Trail.  The Trail is deep in the hills near Charlottesville and laden with wine farms, estates, and a lovely polo field! Since the two are originally from Virginia, it was an extra special, sentimental afternoon!


When Justin finally decided that it was time to propose, he planned out a romantic canoe ride which ultimately got rained out by Hurricane Joaquin.  Fortunately, Justin was quick on his feet and acquired tickets to one of their favorite band’s show in Asheville.  He popped the question that night in the middle of downtown!  What a romantic, personal moment!


The couple is most excited to have all their favorite people from all across the country in one room together for an epic dance party!  They will be  jetting off to Maui for their honeymoon, and shortly thereafter looking for a new home together! 


Congratulations Suzannah and Justin! We are so excited to host your speical day!


Congratulations Brittany + Derek

Brittany and Derek met in college in 2010.  Brittany noticed him immediately, but couldn’t work up the courage to talk to him until about a month before class ended.  The introduction was finally made in a group setting, and the two ended up texting, which lead to talking, which lead to dating!


Derek attempted to ask Brittany to be his girlfriend over the school radio, but she missed the show! She did hear about the romantic gesture in detail later, and said yes!


Now the proposal was a total surprise.  On their 5th year anniversary the two took professional pictures, which is a common thing for the couple!  Brittany got her makeup done in downtown Anderson and picked out two different outfits to wear.  During the outfit change, Derek asked Brittany if she wanted to open her anniversary gift (a stunning heart necklace!) under which was the engagement ring! Derek got down on one knee outside the car and asked her Brittany to be his wife, she put it straight on her hand.  She forgot to say “yes” however, until Derek asked again for an answer!


The couple will be going on a cruise to the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and Grand Turk for their honeymoon.  What a great adventure for the newlyweds!


Congratulations to the happy couple! We can’t wait to celebrate with you on your big day!